Warsaw is the most expensive city in the real estate market - the cheapest you can buy an apartment in Lodz - the secondary market and in Szczecin - the primary market.


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How to prepare a property for sale.


Home staging is an English term meaning professional preparing property for sale. In the UK, home staging, is also known as „property presentation” or „property styling”.

The purpose of home staging is to:

  • increase the attractiveness of the property for sale,
  • obtain the biggest number of potential customers,
  • obtain the highest selling price of the property.


First impression is very important
The potential buyer in a few seconds forms his opinion about the property. The interior should be inviting, harmonious and aesthetic. Decor has to be: devoid of personal touches, sober and stylistically neutral, so that it can meet different tastes. Excessive of individualization and extravagance can limit the number of potential buyers.

What is the role of home stager
Stager gives advices to the owner about defects and faults that need to be repaired, and which give the impression of neglect. He also suggests what elements of interior design - eg. furniture, rugs, trinkets - should be removed to avoid the effect of clutter and what to do to visually enlarge the space. He gives advices how to take care of the nearby environment – clean up driveway, garden or balcony.

In case of empty houses or flats he selects and buys within the allocated budget for this purpose, furnitures and other equipment for interior decoration. Thanks to that potentialbuyer will be able to imagine how the appartment can look like after being furnished. Specially designed "for sale" interior must be balanced in terms of style, orderingand cosiness.

Profits from the home staging
It is assumed, that the investment in improving the appearance of the apartment in the amount of 2% of its value, gives about 10% increase of value sell of the property. American studies on real estate market shows that home staging shortens property sale period by 40%.

History of home staging
In the United States, home staging has been known for decades as one of the marketing tools in the work of real estate brokers. In next years, it became a separate specialization among professional designers and interior decorators. Americans and Canadians believe that employment of a professional home stager increases the value of the property and accelerates sales, especially in the segment of luxury apartments and houses. Many people do not regret the money on home staging. They expect that this investment will return with a profit.

Home staging in Poland
In our country, it is relatively new occurrence. The main criterion for clients is usually the price. Because it is difficult to obtain from the bank attractive loan, potential buyers are looking for low-cost flats and houses, also in a bad state for repair. In this situation, design and general impression are not important.

A few tips how to prepare the property for sell alone.
You do not need too many resources to improve the appearance of your home.

First of all, you should look at property as the potential buyer. Interior design is important.

First, remove all unnecessary things, which unnecessarily clutter the apartment, for example: bike, stroller, boxes, old or unused electronic equipment - flat will seem to be larger and more spacious.

Secondly you need to make minor repairs such as glu torn wallpaper, remove and damaged plaster, replacing taps at the sink, clear out wilted flowers – this will make the apartment look tidy.

And finally, it is good to clean up private things: slippers, toothbrushes, sticky notes stuck to refrigerators and ensure a pleasant aroma, for example aroma of freshly, ground coffee, which invite clients for viewing apartment.



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Report on the real estate market for the first quarter 2014. *

In the first quarter 2014 prices in the primary markets of all the cities, both newly exposed to the market and that are already on offer, were stable.

Developers are getting better and better adjust the size of flats on offer and the prices of the financial capacity of clients.

On the primary (RP) and secondary (RW) markets 7-u (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Kraków, Łódź, Poznań, Szczecin, Wrocław) and 9-u (Białystok, Bydgoszcz, Katowice, Kielce, Lublin, Olsztyn, Opole, Rzeszów, Zielona Góra) cities in Poland transaction prices was stabile.

In Warsaw transaction prices in both markets fell slightly.

In the first quarter 2014 reported a slight increase in interest rates of new mortgages. In combination with the slow growing salary gave it a slight improvement in the availability of housing credit indicators.

Approximate payment of housing loans were at a level higher than recorded in the previous quarter and the same period of the previous year.

Sales of flats in the primary and the secondary market has been supported by cash purchases, and also in the primary market by a new government Flat for Young (MDM).

Sales of flats in the primary market the largest cities growing rapidly for the last five quarters and the supply of unsold homes can be defined as the state corresponding to the balance of the market. On the secondary market of Warsaw and 7 largest cities housing sales time has been slightly increased.


In the first quarter 2014 put to use 1.5 thousand. flats less than in the same quarter of the previous year, but the number of completed dwellings, is high.


Number of permits issued for the building of housing and ongoing investments was higher than in 2013. If the upward trend will continue building it for approx, for two years in sales will be more flats than currently exposed to market.


Building news flats is profitable for developers and the number of bankruptcies of construction companies and developers decreased compared to the first quarter 2013.


Commercial real estate market remains upward trend in the volume of investment transactions.







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