About us

The main profile of the company ebiam is real estate agency: sale, purchase, exchange, rent apartments, houses, commercial space, land, and support for customers who want to sell the property without an intermediares.
ebiam services based on the special care for the welfare of clients. High quality of service guarantees professionalism and complete performance of all transactions. Great importance is given to an individual approach to customers. We make every effort to find a property that meets the criteria and requirements of the customer, as well as adapted to its financial capabilities.
Available to Clinets is our website, where we present offers a detailed description of the property, photographs and location map. The website is continuously updated. Using many of parameters, customers can search for only those properties that meet their expectations. They can also report your preferences about real estate, which they looking for to buy or rent.

We care about continuous replenishment our  knowledge of the real estate market and  legal issues. We participate in conferences raising qualifications.

The website is also a communication channel with customers, complex service transactions take place on the Internet. The customer is kept informed of all activities leading to the successful sale or rental of property.


The company's mission is to mediate in real estate with respect to ethical and professional standards, acting in the best interests of the Clients, with a view to their safety, comfort and satisfaction. We try to realise needs of customers and  their dreams of a safe and comfortable home.

The company's mission ebiam is closely linked with the specific market in which there is. This specific market is the market of services, which puts special emphasis on creating a positive image of the company and gain confidence in a potential customer. The basis of success is customer satisfaction which can be achieved only by the quality and reliability of services and transactions carried out.
We carefully select the offers with regard to the required criteria, including: location, area, price. The attention to every detail distinguishes our company among others. We believe that through our competence and innovative approach, we are able to achieve customer satisfaction. Constant control of the quality of services and monitoring changes in the environment allow our adjust the company's policy to customer expectations.

We focus on modernity and innovation. The overriding target is to operate without geographical limitations. We operate throughout the European Union. The basic technology which we use is Internet,. It makes  that we offer our Customers safe and convenient communication in a virtual environment.

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